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Placing a Recall from Current Borrower means that the person who currently has the item is notified to return it to the UW-Madison Libraries within 7 days, at which point the item will be held for you. The Current Borrower is guaranteed a loan period of 14 days.

You may place recalls only on items currently checked out or renewed. For items that are not checked out, see Book Retrieval.

Note: If you wish to recall items that are In Transit or On Hold, ask any library's circulation staff for assistance or contact Memorial Library's circulation office at (608) 263-7360 or email Memorial Library circulation.

If the word Requests: (followed by a number) displays after an item's due date, the item has already been recalled by someone else. For faster service you may wish to use Article and Book Delivery services.

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How to Recall an Item

  1. Search for the item.
  2. Display the single record. The item's status should be Checked Out or Renewed.
  3. In the Actions box, Click on Place Request, and if you haven't logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Enter your 11-digit ID number and last name, and click the Login button.
  4. You will see RECALL from current borrower selected in the dropdown menu. Click OK.
  5. On the Choose COPY line select the copy/location from the dropdown menu.
  6. Enter your 11-digit ID number in the appropriate box.
  7. Using the pulldown menu, you must choose a library at which you wish to pick up the item.
  8. Type in the number of days after which you will not need the recalled item. Note: The person who has the item usually has seven days to return it.
  9. Click on Submit Request when you are done. To clear all fields, click Clear Form.
You will be notified by email or mail when the item is available. Jump to top

Why a Recall May Fail

A recall may fail if the item is already checked out to you or if your patron record has been blocked. Some reasons for a blocked record are:

  • An item you have checked out has been recalled by another patron and is overdue
  • You have three or more lost items (from UW-Madison and/or other UW System libraries) on your record
  • Your ID has been blocked until the local address is updated
Recall policies vary among campus libraries. Contact a library if you have questions.

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How to Check the Status of a Recalled Item

To check the status of any recalls you have placed, access your patron record by clicking on My MadCat Account and logging in.

The Items Available table in your patron record informs you of recalled items that are available for pickup and includes the titles, the date on which their availability expires, and the pickup location.

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How to Cancel a Recalled Item

To cancel recalls you have placed, access your patron record by clicking on My MadCat Account and logging in.

The Requests Pending and Items Available tables in your patron record inform you of items that have been recalled and items that are now available for pickup.

To cancel an item, check the appropriate box in the column marked Cancel? and then click Cancel Requests.

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