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New in MadCat includes items in the University of Wisconsin-Madison libraries that have been recently cataloged and added to the collections. The list does not include items that are on order.

When you search New in MadCat, you are not searching in MadCat, the UW-Madison library catalog; instead, you are searching in a database with records that have been extracted from MadCat.

The list is updated every Wednesday. There is a two-week time lag between new items appearing in MadCat, the library catalog, and then appearing in the New in MadCat list. This interval allows time for the newly cataloged items to arrive at the owning libraries and be shelved before appearing on the New in MadCat list.

You may choose to view new items from the following time periods: the last week, last two weeks, last three weeks, or last four weeks.

Note: Materials from Special Collections (Memorial Library) and CCBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center) are not included in New in MadCat. Jump to top

How to Connect

After entering MadCat, select the New in MadCat link at the top of the screen. When you click the New in MadCat link, you exit the library catalog and open the New in MadCat database. Your search history in MadCat is lost.

To return to MadCat, click the Exit link. Avoid using your browser's Back button. Jump to top

How to Search

You may search New in MadCat by accepting the default or by selecting from each of the drop-down menus:

  • Select Location - to see new items from all libraries, or the specific library you choose
  • Period - to see items added during a given time period
  • Sort by - to arrange your results by call number, author or title

Optional: Enter a term or phrase in the Search For: box to search for a specific title, author or call number. The characters entered are matched against the title, author or display call numbers.

  • A single character entered will match only against the call number
  • A search term with two or more characters will be matched against title, author and call number
  • Do not enclose phrases in quotation marks
  • Truncation is automatic
  • Enter all punctuation as you would expect to find it in the title/author for which/whom you are searching

Title Searching

Enter a keyword or phrase from the title. Include any punctuation that is part of the title.

Title Searching

Author Searching

Enter the author's last name. If you enter more than the last name, type the name as you would expect to find it in a catalog record, including all punctuation.

Author Searching

Subject Searching

To search by subject, enter only a single letter. Listed below are the letters and the corresponding titles of main classes of most materials found in the UW-Madison libraries. These letters are based upon Library of Congress classification.

Letter Subject Area / Class
General Works
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Auxiliary Sciences of History
History (General) and History of Europe
History: United States
History: United States Local. North and South America
Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
Social Sciences
Political Science
Music and Books on Music
Fine Arts
Languages and Literatures
Medicine (Library of Congress)
Military Science
Naval Science
Medicine (National Library of Medicine)
Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)


Sort By: and Records Per Page

Search results may be sorted by selecting an option in the Sort by: drop-down menu: Call Number, Author, or Title.

A "sort by material" type is not available. The material type (for example, video) may be entered as a search term.

Use the Records Per Page drop-down menu to change the number of matching records that display on one screen.

NOTE: Options selected (Location, Period, Sort, Records Per Page) are not retained and must be reselected for each subsequent search.

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How to View Search Results

Click on a title from the list of results to view the MadCat record. A MadCat session begins and your record is retrieved. MadCat functions, such the Place Requests link, are available at this point.

To look at a record for another title in the New in MadCat list, use your browser's Back button to return to the list.

Note: Occasionally, you will see Call Number: In Process on the New in MadCat list of results. Click on the title to view its most recent status.

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RSS Feeds

New in MadCat is updated every Wednesday. You may subscribe to RSS Feeds for particular Subjects and Campus Libraries.

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