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If MadCat does not list the item you need, or the item is unavailable, search other UW System library catalogs by using UW System Search. Place a request online and the item will be delivered to the campus library of your choice within approximately 2-4 business days.

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Patron Eligibility: Only patrons who have a UW System patron affiliation are eligible: graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff, affiliates, and other appointments.

Material Eligibility: Materials that may be checked out for 14 days, 28 days, or for a semester are eligible.

Fines and Fees: Fines and fees are applied based on the lending library's policy, not on the fines and fees policy at the UW-Madison.

Contact Us: Send questions to

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How to Place a Request

  1. Perform a UW System Search.
  2. A list of titles will appear. Click on the desired title to view the record.
  3. The record indicates the library that owns the item and the item's availability. To place a UW System Borrowing request, the item should be "Not Checked Out".

    Place Requests - UW System Borrow

  4. Click on Place Requests. If you haven't logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Enter your UW ID number and your last name. Click Login.
  5. Select BORROW from or Pickup at another campus from the dropdown menu. Click OK.

    Select from dropdown menu

  6. A form will appear. Follow the instructions as they appear on the form, or as listed in items 7 through 10 below.


  7. Select a lending library. If two or more libraries own the item, select a library where the item is not checked out.
  8. Enter your campus UW ID number for verification.
  9. Using the dropdown menu you MUST choose a campus at which you wish to pick up the item.
  10. Choose a pick up desk from the next menu.
  11. Click on Submit Request. To clear all of the fields, click on Clear Form.

To see if the item is ready for you to pick up, check the Items Available section of My MadCat Account. You will also receive notification by email or mail.

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Why a Request May Fail

Failure During the Placement of a Request

A request may fail for the following reasons:

1. The item requested is not eligible for this service. Possible reasons:
  • Condition of the item
  • Reference materials
  • Reserve materials
  • Media such as DVDs or CDs

2. Your patron record has been blocked. Some reasons for blocked records are:

  • An item you have checked out has been recalled by another patron and is overdue
  • Your ID has been blocked until the local address is updated

Failure After Successful Placement of a Request

After pacing a request and receiving the message "Your Request Was successful", you may be notified by library staff that your request cannot be filled. The reason will accompany the notice and will appear in your library record.

The following are reasons a request cannot be filled:

  • The item is checked out.
  • The item is not eligible for this service.
  • The item cannot be located. Place an interlibrary loan request.
  • The item is on reserve for a course.
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Checking Request Status

Access your patron record by clicking on My MadCat Account and logging in.

The following messages, under the section "Requests Pending", alert you to the status of your requests:

  • Accepted (MadCat acknowledges the receipt of your request)
  • Printed (Library staff acknowledges the receipt of your request)
  • Your request is number: 1 - Expires mm/dd/year (The item has been located and your request is being processed)
  • In Transit (The item is currently being shipped)
  • Canceled (This message will appear if you cancel your own request or if you have not picked up the item in the allotted time period)

When your item is available for pick up, the title will move from the "Requests Pending" section to the "Items Available" section of your record.

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Canceling a Request

Access your patron record by clicking on My MadCat Account and logging in.

In your record, "Requests Pending" and "Items Available" tables list the items currently being processed or items ready for pick up, respectively.

To cancel an item:

  1. Check the appropriate box in the column marked "Cancel".
  2. Click the "Cancel Requests" button.

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